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A message from the Founder and chief Educational Officer, Ateba Whitaker:

Welcome to the Unreasonable Kids website! Whether you're a parent, guardian, or potential ​​partner, your presence signifies a commitment to unlocking the incredible potential within ​every ​child.

"The reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable one persists in ​reshaping ​it. Therefore, all progress depends on the unreasonable man/woman [& Kid]."

- George Bernard Shaw.


This quote by George Bernard Shaw guides Unreasonable Kids' belief system and emphasizes ​that ​progress relies on those who challenge the status quo. The reasonable adapt, while ​the ​unreasonable persist in reshaping the world. It's a reminder that even kids can be ​unreasonable ​thinkers, seeing opportunities where adults see problems. We embrace ​this ​mindset at Unreasonable Kids, empowering the next generation of kid superheroes to ​create positive change.

Unreasonable Kids is more than an organization; it's a movement that empowers kids to become unreasonable thinkers.

  • For Parents or guardians: Explore our website for current and future programming ideas. Contact us if any program sparks your ​​interest or if you have specific ideas; we welcome the opportunity to serve. Unreasonable Kids is on a mission to build a community ​​nurturing empathetic and heartfelt programming for our youth, helping them grow into servant leaders.

  • For Potential Partners: Join us in shaping the future. Unreasonable Kids is open to collaborations aligning with our mission to empower ​​kid superheroes. Let's work together to make a positive impact on the future generation.

If you have specific ideas, we welcome the opportunity to serve. Unreasonable Kids is on a mission to build a community. Thank you for being ​​part of the Unreasonable Kids community. Whether you're a parent or a potential partner, your support is crucial in shaping a future ​​where kids fight together as one tribe for the greater good. Let's embark on this journey of empowerment and inspiration together!

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SDG themed k5 classes

Discover exciting K-5 classes on Outschool! Click here to explore our upcoming programs and join the fun today!

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Socially Responsible Leaders in STEM, Tech, and Design

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sDG Focus leadership Clubs & camp:

  1. techHER Leadership Club: Breaking ​Barriers, Forging Futures
  2. Truth stem entrepreneurship club: ​Empowering Tomorrow's ​Innovators Today
  3. The Equine Sport shoe Design ​camp: Empowering Through ​History and Creativity

SDG Focus middle school clubs & camp

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Education Reward Stickers

TechHER Leadership Club: Breaking Barriers, Forging Futures

Description: The "TechHER Leadership Club" empowers girls to ​lead in the tech industry. We nurture their potential to become ​C-suite tech executives while breaking down gender barriers.


  • Leadership Skills: Equip girls with leadership skills for tech ​roles.
  • Mentorship: Connect members with successful women ​leaders.
  • Tech Skills: Enhance technical skills for future executive ​roles.
  • Gender Equity: Advocate for gender diversity in tech.
  • Networking: Build a supportive tech community.
  • Innovation: Foster creativity and entrepreneurial thinking.
  • Industry Insights: Explore diverse tech sectors.
  • Confidence: Boost self-esteem and overcome challenges.
  • Teamwork: Cultivate collaboration skills.
  • Community Impact: Promote tech education and equity.

Connect with us to launch your "TechHER Leadership Club" at ​your school, empowering and inspiring girls to take the lead in ​the tech world, break through glass ceilings, and become ​catalysts for change within the industry.

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Truth stem entrepreneurship club: Empowering Tomorrow's Innovators Today

Description: The TRUTH STEM Entrepreneurship Club is a ​platform for hands-on learning. Participants delve into the ​circular economy, entrepreneurship, and STEM by creating ​real-world prototypes. They learn STEM advocacy, devise ​community-level solutions, and use science and tech to ​drive the zero-waste movement.


  • Leadership Skills: We empower boys with crucial ​leadership skills for STEM roles.
  • Mentorship: Members connect with successful men ​leaders in the STEM industry.
  • Engineering Skills: Enhance engineering aptitude for ​future STEM roles.
  • Networking: Build a supportive STEM and ​entrepreneurship community.
  • Innovation: Foster STEM and entrepreneurial thinking.
  • Industry Insights: Explore diverse STEM sectors.
  • Confidence: Boost self-esteem and conquer challenges.
  • Teamwork: Cultivate collaboration skills.
  • Community Impact: Champion STEM education and a ​sense of belonging through community.

Connect with us to establish your TRUTH Club at your ​school, igniting inspiration among young male leaders who ​are at the forefront of driving positive change and fostering ​innovation within their communities.

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past events

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The Equine Sport shoe Design camp coming summer ​2025: Empowering Through History and Creativity

Description: The camp celebrates the heritage of equine ​sports, with a focus on the contributions of historic Black ​jockeys. Through engaging sessions, students gain a ​profound understanding of this pivotal history, fostering ​pride and appreciation. The campers also design race ​shoes inspired by this legacy, nurturing creativity and ​practical skills.


  • Cultural Celebration: Celebrate equine sports ​heritage and historic Black jockey contributions.
  • Creative Design: Inspire creativity and practical shoe ​design skills.
  • Personal Growth: Empower students with knowledge ​and leadership skills.

Connect with us to learn more about this camp in ​Lexington, KY, where we celebrate history, nurture ​creativity, and empower future shoe design leaders.

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